Sneak peek New book: Hangman’s Hole

Comming soon…

In a forgotten time,  just before dawn a beautiful  woman stood in a dark clearing…

Screeching laughter…

A normal girl…

A horrifying hangman…

Are YOU brave enough to be part of The prophecy???


Read by Marta Dunphy-Moriel

Dear reader:

It’s been a long process… but after all the hard work it has finally paid off and “The prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman’s Hole” is finally available online!!!

EXCELLENT NEWS!!! You can ORDER: “Hangman’s Hole” Online now!!!

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to tell me what you make of the hangman, the Spencerford’s mad adventures and Mr Peña’s superb artwork^^



And WHAT IS THE BOOK ABOUT??? I hear you cry:

Well, it depends:

a) In a child  or young adult’s eyes: The book an adventure book about a girl, Anna, who keeps seeing the terrifying figure of a hangman that will lead her  into a series of mysterious situations. The adventure is full of laughter, heart pounding moments and a thrilling adventure in each and every page of the book as the reader gets absorbed in the identity of the mysterious hangman. You will burst with laughter at the Jo-Joe, Alex and Dick’s jokes and pranks, as well as being hooked on the Spencerford’s eccentric moments.

b) As an young adult/adult: as you read through the book, you will realize that the book is all about death and illness, it analyses how different people have different reactions to these matters in life as well as many others. What feelings people have when they loose someone, depending on their age, character, personality, etc. And especially how we react to these things when we are young.

But don’t take my word for it, what do you make out of it???

Order a copy at:



Book: The Prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman´s Hole

Author: Marta Dunphy-Moriel







AUTHOR: Marta Dunphy-Moriel

ILUSTRATOR: David Peña Iglesias

The breeze whispered wistfully through the woods, trundling and turning this way and that, pushing past bushes and carelessly whooshing up leaves from the ground. Then suddenly the gust dropped and silence fell over the dark wood.  Not a sound was heard from any living thing. An unearthly cry broke the silence and a blue light suddenly shone out of a cottage in the depths of the forest. Then, overwhelming silence once again, only a faint creak, creaking. A black hooded body swung slowly from a rope on a beam like a pendulum from side to side.


“Here ‘e is, father.”-The stable boy crossed himself.

An old Irish priest stooped with age, wearing a black hat, stood on the threshold, revolted by the sight and smell of the corpse.

“He must be buried soon.”-He mumbled struggling not wretch and covering his nose with a white handkerchief as he turned back over the doorway.

The boy stared at the hooded corpse swinging from the beam. Reaching out a filthy hand, he picked up a wooden spoon that was lying on top of a rough oak table. Curious, he poked the corpse with the end of the spoon. All of a sudden the rope snapped and the body fell on to the floor, the lad yelped and leapt back in surprise.

“Father! Look ‘ere at this!”-he shouted in alarm.

The clergyman turned back grumbling.

“He´s go’ a sea´orse on ‘is neck!”

The priest’s jaw dropped in horror as he recognized the scorched mark on the body. Making a hasty sign of the cross he muttered:

“Holy Lord and Mother of God, evil is come among us!”

Chapter 1:

“The Jo-Joes.”

“Anna do you know you’ve got a thumb mark on you ankle?”

“Shush idiot.”-Anna whispered, covering her little brother’s mouth.

The grandfather clock’s hollow ticking echoed in the silent sitting room filled with warm morning sunlight.

“Why is she such a pain, anyway?”-Dick mouthed.

“She’s not a pain”-Anna muttered, squishing her lanky legs between the crouched boys -“she’s just blooming…”

“…bossy.”-Alex completed the sentence, grasping at the table leg for balance.


The oak door glided open over the cream coloured carpet. A pair of brown designer label high heels appeared under the other side of the flowery table cloth. Hesitating, the feet moved elegantly towards the next room. The children held their breath for what seemed like hours, their hearts thumping in their ears. Not daring to move, the children followed the footsteps without blinking. A soft click and then the TV presenter’s deep voice boomed through the room.

This is Breakfast. Welcome to the nine o’clock news.

Prime Minister assures the public he has strong faith the end of the international financial crisis is in sight.

Police have reason to believe the “Hot Candy” group may be operating in the UK.

Unpredicted earthquake in Indonesia kills millions. Experts dumbfounded by the natural disaster.

In tennis, the Spaniard Ignacio Casademont collects his third Grand Slam at this year’s US Open beating Aussy Roger White 3 sets to 2.

And now to regional news.

Good morning, welcome to BBC London. The peaceful county of Sussex is still in chaos since the disappearance of Katy Williams. The seven year old was reported missing by her parents 48 hours ago when she disappeared after school. John and Catherine Williams, from St Heatherastcold Sussex, plead for the return of their little Katy.”

When the brown shoes disappeared for an instant, the children took the opportunity to breathe carefully for a second.

“Katy disappeared after leaving school on Tuesday afternoon.”

The children jumped as the ancient grandfather clock struck the half hour, bumping their heads on the polished oak table.

“Police are continuing the search for the missing child yet the investigation points at parents as possible culprits.”

Abruptly the brown shoes re-entered the room searching for the source of the noise. The children eyed each other nervously, their hearts racing, praying not to be caught.

“In other news, Molly Jagarlamudi wins a merited Zee Cine award for lifetime achievements. Jagarlamudi was moved to tears by this honour from the film industry.”

“She’s gone,”- Alex whispered, peeping from under the chair. “Do you mind getting off my foot?”

“Sorry…”-Dick crawled out from under the table.

The children breathed normally again.

“Good,”-Anna stretched her cramped arms-“That gives us about…ten minutes to escape.”

“Don’t exaggerate, it gives us seconds.”-Shoving the smallest of the three out of the way, Alex peeped to make sure the coast was clear-“She’ll be back.”

“Where do we go now?!”-Dick panicked, rummaging in his pockets-“I don’t fancy…GARDENING!”-He moaned, eating a sticky old sweet.

Abruptly, swift footsteps could be heard descending the wooden staircase.

“Quick, through the patio door!”

The three of them scurried from under the table and through to the garden.

“Children?!”-A shrill voice came from the house.

The children darted through the large garden and crouched behind the overgrown rosebushes.

“Now what?”-Alex whispered.

“To the woods, now, RUN!”


Are you brave enough to be part of the prophecy???

  1. Julien Launay says:

    Great !
    I’ll order one !! 🙂

  2. Very intriguing! Look forward to reading it!

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