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In a forgotten time,  just before dawn a beautiful  woman stood in a dark clearing…

Screeching laughter…

A normal girl…

A horrifying hangman…

Are YOU brave enough to be part of The prophecy???


Starting SUNDAY the 3rd of OCTOBER

Read by Marta Dunphy-Moriel


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It’s been a long process… but after all the hard work it has finally paid off and “The prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman’s Hole” is finally aveilable online!!!

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Hope you enjoy it and feel free to tell me what you make of the hangman and the Spencerford’s mad adventures^^





Book: The Prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman´s Hole

Author: Marta Dunphy-Moriel



Constance Christine Clemance had always wanted to be a dancer. When she was only a little girl she had spent every single afternoon in the small ballet studio, staring attentively at the elegant swans that performed exquisitely in front of the mucky mirror under the stern orders of the elderly Madame Morgane.

Her father had bought her her first pair of ballerina shoes, which she laced with pride every time she gracefully skipped onto the dance floor. Even when she was touring England with her ballet company she held on to them like a lucky charm, smelling their homely scent every time she had to perform.

What weird people these English are”-she thought, screeching her hired car into third gear-“Why do they have to drive on the left? They are so contraire… And why do they like so many forests? Le Trees should be in parks, not left wild all over ze place, it is so, how do zey say eet?… scruffy.”

From her elegant handbag sounded “Swan Lake” her telephone’s irritating tune. As she was rummaging for it, she could have sworn that from the corner of her eye she had seen a hooded figure amongst the tall dark trees. Shaking her head in disbelief, she picked up the ringing phone at the last second.

Mother ai cannot hier you.”-Constance mumbled grumpily as she drove in the midst of the thick English fog-“What is wrong?”

Her face turned pale as she heard the devastating news her weeping mother was crying down the phone.

The last thing Constance could remember was the flashing lights and the screech of a horn.


Le raisin” was an exclusive French restaurant. Anybody who was anyone waited for months to get a table in Madame Constance’s tiny modern establishment situated on the main street between a boutique and a spiritual/religious bookshop. As everyone had guessed when their grandmother had announced she was inviting them out for a meal, she had made a reservation months before. Consequently, the children where forced to wear the clothes they had previously worn to the wedding.

Good afternoon François,”- The old lady smiled at the penguin suited maitre.

Mrs Spencerford.”- The lanky young man held out a polite hand and led them to a table next to the window.

Mum, my head itches.”- Alex scratched his impeccably combed hair.

Are you a primate, Alexander?”- His grandmother hissed between her teeth, picking up the menu daintily.

No, why?”- Alex tried to attack the breadbasket and got a lightning bolt slap on the hand.

Then stop behaving like a cheeky monkey.”-she muttered and then metamorphosed into the most elegant of creatures as a slim middle aged woman walked clumsily towards their table.

Constance!”-Their grandmother got up and greeted the owner of the restaurant.

Hengietta! How lovely to see you ma belle.”

The children held their breath in horror when the elegant lady kissed her on both cheeks revealing the hideous scar that was slashed on the left side of her face, an exquisite silk designer headscarf hiding an empty eye socket.

Excuse me for a minute”-Constance smiled as she followed the waiter who had just come to look for her.

Alexander, it’s very rude to stare.”-their grandmother snapped as she caught them looking curiously after the ex-dancer.


Why couldn’t I have had a normal party like any old nine year old?”-Dick moaned as he put on his pyjamas-“really, what have I ever done to anyone to deserve this?!”

What had happened that evening was what one would expect in an extremely snobbish yet not exactly child-friendly restaurant. The children had spent the evening trying to eat minuscule portions of up market nosh, being told off every single time they started behaving naturally.

Children must be seen but not heard.”-Their grandmother repeated after every single minuscule incident.

A potential murder moment was when Alex accidently knocked over his glass with his elbow and some of his drink splashed on the marble floor, provoking a major pile up as a passing waiter slipped and sent his tray flying which ended in their grandmother nearly having a fit. It culminated with Madame Constance personally bringing Dick a very fancy whisky birthday cake which, as is normal for any ten year old boy, he didn’t like.

Whilst he nibbled half-heartedly at the fancy patisserie, the little boy couldn’t help asking.

Excuse me Madame Constancy, what happened to your eye?”

There was an extremely uncomfortable silence. After a few seconds Madame Constance answered, smiling feebly.

You should always wear ze seatbelt.”