Absolute must reads!!!


There a tons of great books out there, so in this section I am going to comment some of my personal favourites!!!^^

Each day i will be adding a new comment on a different boo and it would be great if you could tell me your opinion ^^

So, what about you? Which is your favourite?


Introduction to the Old kingdom:

Dangerous spirits range from undead corpses known as Dead Hands to supernatural beings known as Free Magic elementals. These living Dead are raised by Necromancers, or black magicians, who roam the Old Kingdom or live in Death, using Hands to do their bidding. To remedy the problem of dangerous, living dead, there is always a sorcerer with the title of Abhorsen, who is essentially a Necromancer himself (or herself), only in the reverse; he puts the dead to rest. At the time of Sabriel, it is her father, Terciel, who has the job of controlling the endless dead creatures doing evil deeds around the Wall, especially difficult since a new evil seems to be rising.

When the current Abhorsen is overcome by one such evil, he sends his bells and sword to his daughter Sabriel, who is being raised in an Ancelstierre school, out of reach of those who might try to strike at her father through her. She must return to the Old Kingdom to rescue her father and prevent the evil’s return.


-The contrast between Ancelstierre, which has a technology level and society similar to that of early-20th century England, and to the north lies the Old Kingdom, where magic works and dangerous spirits roam the land

-Mogget the mysterious cat, you never know who, how or what side he is on ^^

-Touchstone: manly, brave, clever…

-Charter magic: from the fiction I have read, it is the most believable magic ever, if there was magic in the world, it would be charter magic.


It takes a couple of chapters to actually start understanding the story, but it is worth it!!! .-)))


Personally, I love this book. It has a gripping story, it is well writen and you feel you know the characters.

You will not put this book down until you have reached the back cover and when you do you will be asking for more!!!

Sabriel, a absolute must read!!! ^^


Garth Nix

Cover artist

Leo and Diane Dillon






Old Kingdom series


Fantasy novel


HarperCollins Publishers

Publication date



ISBN 0-06-447183-7


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