About the book…

“I know you are not so brave, Anna Spencerford. You will do as I say.”-The savage voice haunted Anna’s mind. Crammed in their old red ford escort, the five Spencerfords, Alfred, Penelope, Anna, Dick & Alex, set out for the South of England to a very quirky wedding and to visit their elderly relatives. There they will meet the Jojoes, a cheeky pair of twins that will help them escape the boring household and introduce them to the wonders of their woods, camp and hidey holes and a ruined cottage. In the midst of a family drama, Anna finds that the discovery of the cottage will lead to much more than a simple game, as the ghostly figure of the Hangman will creep slowly into her life.

And WHAT IS THE BOOK ABOUT??? I hear you cry:

Well, it depends:

a) In a child  or young adult’s eyes: The book an adventure book about a girl, Anna, who keeps seeing the terrifying figure of a hangman that will lead her  into a series of mysterious situations. The adventure is full of laughter, heart pounding moments and a thrilling adventure in each and every page of the book as the reader gets absorbed in the identity of the mysterious hangman. You will burst with laughter at the Jo-Joe, Alex and Dick’s jokes and pranks, as well as being hooked on the Spencerford’s eccentric moments.

b) As a young adult/adult: as you read through the book, you will realize that the book is all about death and illness, it analyses how different people have different reactions to these matters in life as well as many others. What feelings people have when they loose someone, depending on their age, character, personality, etc. And especially how we react to these things when we are young.

Please feel free to send any comments you may have on the book.

I really hope you enjoy it!

  1. Sounds like a fascinating read, Mata.

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