It’s been quite some while since I sat down to write, last year of my blooming law degree (I do love it but I’m just stressed out, that’s all…) have to think what I am going to do with myself (yes, I do want to become a full-time author but at the age of 22 and with only the first of The prophecy of the Shalforen published, plus I cannot live off mum & dad forever…  for now it’s going to have to be Plan B whilst not giving up plan A). Anyway, as my hair falls out under mad stress because of the MOOT and uni investigation project, I came to realize what I have always feared, I need to write, it is not a question of just liking it, it is a basic need, as basic or even more so than eating or sleeping.

Consequently (and even though I an abusing of my dear reader’s good will) from here hence I am starting a new section in the website, where each day or so I will throw another message in a bottle, hoping some other lonely soul will take pity and answer back.

If not, it’s always cheaper  than a shrink (hahaha) I wonder if Edgar Allan Poe had done this he would have not gone bonkers… well… he wouldn’t have written so many great stories so… arg! There we go, another internal debate… unless you also want to be driven into becoming seriously barmy I suggest you stop reading… because here it goes.


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