Yet another absolute must read: El Sujeto Nº1

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Absolute must reads, Uncategorized

In April 2010, the semifinalist of the Viceversa Publishinghouse annual competition (As the picas), Paula Sáez, published her first novel: El sujeto nº1.

This intriguing fiction novel written by the young and promising Spanish author immerses the reader into the world of Laura Sanz, a young, intelligent and lonely student that has a strange talent: she can see people’s sell-by-date.

It is because of this extraordinary talent that her life will change. Leaving a tormented past being she moves to the US where she will be taken as an apprentice by a Mr LeBlanc at the UN.

Due to the research that both Mr LeBlanc and herself are immerse in, defending children’s rights, Laura will be pulled into a world of secrecy and adventure meeting extraordinary people along the way. Her past will come back for her as she searches for the truth behind the secret organization and the mystery of Subject Nº1.

This thrilling tale is a masterpiece from a young and promising author. The reader will have difficulties putting the book down as it is so intriguing… and once you reach the last page you will be begging for more!!!



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