Absolute must reads: Day 5

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Absolute must reads



The tale begins with an injured narrator seeking refuge in an abandoned mansion in the Apennines, with no explanation for his wound. He spends his time admiring the works of art decorating the strangely-shaped room and perusing a volume which “purported to criticize and describe” the paintings. He eventually discovers a painting which shocks him with its extreme realism, which he refers to as “absolute life-likeliness of expression”. He spends a moment (“for an hour, perhaps”, the reader is told) in silent awe of it until he cannot bear to look any more, then consults the book for an explanation.


-I am not a great fan of detailed descriptions yet, in this case, Poe’s outstanding narrative is fascinating.

-The reasoning behind the story.


It is an absolute pity it is so short!!!


Tired of all that reading? Well, don’t worry, today I have gone for something short, yet, a work of art if you will.

As simple as it is, to my liking it is one of Poe’s best short narratives, horrifying in its little way as most of Poe’s work and yet… isn’t there a hidden metaphor that could happen to us at any given time???

Short, thrilling and most definitely an absolute must read.

Author Edgar Allan Poe
Original title “Life in Death”
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Horror
Short story
Publisher Graham’s Magazine

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